Forward thinking software solutions for the
media industry

Make the jump the right way. Modern DevOps solutions to your media problems.

Our Mission

We help media organisations build technical solutions that use the right technologies, delight users, and deliver real business value.

The modern media organisation has to contend with an explosion of new media and IT technologies whilst preserving existing workflows and serving more markets than ever. We merge expertise in DevOps and Media Technology to produce solutions that deliver the best possible results for your organisation.

  • Broadcasters

    We have over 10 years of experience helping broadcasters in Europe, North America, Asia, and Oceania implement standards, solve workflow challenges, and integrate systems and APIs.

  • Software Vendors

    If you need to implement a new video standard, improve the deployment of your product, or move your architecture to a modern stack, we can help.

  • Media Producers

    We work with production and post-production companies to implement new workflows, improve media delivery and interchange, and create software to solve operational challenges.

  • Other media organisations

    If you work with media and have technical challenges, we can help. Check our expertise or get in touch to see if our approach is right for your organisation.