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Our Expertise

Codecs, Formats, and Standards

We're experts in video codecs, standards, and file formats (particularly the MXF and AAF formats). We can help you understand how to make these formats work for your business and provide software solutions to integrate them tightly into your workflows. We can help you optimise your transcoding, ensuring your deliver consistent files to the highest standards.

Workflow Automation

We've spent 10 years working on automated workflows with some of the biggest organisations in media. We can help you connect systems, integrate APIs, and automate things you didn't think you could. We're particular experts in Avid workflows, and can help you extract key information from your Avid systems and interchange this other systems, protecting your investment in your existing infrastructure.

Modern Deployment Methodologies

Software architectures are becoming more diverse and complex. If you need to understand and implement distributed systems, cloud-native applications, service-based architectures, or simply want to improve the efficiency of your deployments, we can help. We help you build and use 'Infrastructure as Code' using modern technologies like Ansible, Terraform, and Docker.


We're not just engineers - we can speak to all your business' stakeholders and provide training to help them understand complex technical concepts, whatever their level of expertise.

Software Development

We can provide libraries and applications that solve your media file issues and quickly and easily integrate into your existing software systems. We can also help with challenges such as wrapping tricky C/C++ media libraries into modern APIs for use with languages such as Javascript.